What is PTSD?

Combat stress is an expected and predictable reaction to combat experiences. But when a person's ability to function is impaired by a traumatic life event, PTS or PTSD may be to blame.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Reliving the event
  • Avoiding situations that remind you of the event
  • Negative changes in beliefs and feelings
  • Feeling keyed up (also called hyperarousal)

Problems Associated with PTSD

  • Feelings of hopelessness, shame or despair
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Drinking or drug problems
  • Physical symptoms or chronic pain
  • Employment problems
  • Relationship problems

Getting Help

There are many resources available today for active military, veterans and their families in the area of mental health and counseling services.  Oftentimes, because of this abundance of services, the difficulty lies in knowing which resources to turn to - whether you are a soldier or veteran experiencing what may be the symptoms of PTSD or a family member looking for the best ways to support a loved one who has returned from war.

Jason's Box is addressing the needs of our returning troops and veterans, specifically in the area of behavioral health services. We believe they will benefit from being able to find these services in our local community.

In partnership with Jason's Box, local mental health providers Robert Young Center & Vera French, as well as veteran support groups in the Quad Cities area, are identifying resources and treatment options for troops, veterans and their families experiencing the harmful effects of behavioral health issues. This community initiative is now called "Jason's Box". Together, we are working toward reducing the barriers to troops and veterans who will benefit from treatment.

The behavioral health providers listed on our website have agreed to subscribe to a set of Best Practices, as defined by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for PTSD and reviewed by our team of local professionals.  For more information about local and national training opportunities or questions about getting listed as a provider on our site, contact: info@jasonsbox.com.

On this page you will find resources that can help you become more informed about PTSD and other effects deployment has on the individual and his/her family.

Jason's Box Battle Buddy Program & Patriot Place


Service members returning from the rigors of war face serious, monumental challenges. Jason's Box offers a resource navigation support program for troops in transition. Founded on the same principles as the military's Core Values and Warrior Ethos, the Battle Buddy Program provides confidential, immediate access and referral to a vast network of community and regional support services.

Patriot Place, the home of the Battle Buddy Program, is the first veterans resource center in Illinois.  It is a safe and supportive environment for veterans and their families, staffed by volunteers.  There is no cost to the veteran.

The Battle Buddy program supports two people operating together as a single unit to solve problems and face life challenges. It's veterans helping veterans. How it works:

The Battle Buddy:

  • Is a navigator who assists with reintegration on behalf of the veteran
  • Is an established veteran who has faced similar challenges
  • Helps the veteran navigate the many resources available such as employment, financial, educational and healthcare

The Battle Buddy Squad:

  • Supports the resource navigation process to encourage a successful outcome
  • Provides networking opportunities to help meet the needs of the veterans

Patriot Place (by appointment)
Joseph Tirone, Coordinator
5415 180th St. N
East Moline, IL

Jason's Box, Inc.
Teri Johnson, President & Founder
PO Box 194
Moline, IL





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