Kit Cloninger

Kit Cloninger has made his new home in Davenport, Iowa, taking the first opportunity to live out his life-long dream job as a broadcast meteorologist. What brought him here was the proximity to the Great Plains, where severe weather is most active, as well as the northern latitude which will bring active winter seasons. Kit has loved all kinds of weather, and the Midwest offers nearly all kinds one could ask.

Kit was raised in Belmont, North Carolina just outside of Charlotte. Living in the Carolinas, he experienced all kinds of weather from severe outbreaks to winter ice storms, tropical systems to beautiful Carolina Blue skies. The many questions that meteorology poses is what pulls Kit to it the most. A desire to understand how the vast atmosphere changes so drastically within a day's time pushed him through his studies to obtain his degree. Kit graduated from UNC Charlotte with a BS in Meteorology in June of 2017. The proximity to home and the diverse, active culture of UNC Charlotte made him appreciate the sense of community even more. In 2015, Kit was an Orientation Counselor and helped show incoming freshmen everything he loved about the University. Kit was also a tutor for Pre-Calculus, and Mascot, Norm the Niner, during his time at UNCC. He actively participated in the Fencing Club his full four years, serving as an officer three years up to the position of Vice President. Within his major, Kit eventually became the President of the Student Organization of Meteorology (STORM), allowing him to help plan outreach events and a delegation to the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington in 2017, participating in the delegation the previous year to New Orleans, Louisiana. While a student at UNCC, Kit had the opportunity to intern at WCNC with his long time role model, Brad Panovich, to hone his skills as a communicator.

Weather has always been a passion, but the desire for learning didn't stop there. Other directions he considered pursuing were geology, astronomy/astrophysics, architecture, biology, and acting. Other hobbies include fencing, learning the guitar, occasional video games, anything Star Wars, and he still keeps an eye beyond the atmosphere observing many astronomical events. Kit is very friendly and loves talking to new people. If you ever see him, he will always be ready with a smile and a forecast. so be sure to say hello!

You can follow Kit on Social Media, @KitCwx

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