Muscatine mayor re-elected; council overhauled

Three new alderman will join the city council

Almost 1-in-4 registered voters in Muscatine County turned out to vote in the city elections. All but 894 were in the city of Muscatine. 


Diana Broderson won with almost 60 percent of the vote over bicycle shop owner Charlie Harper (2478 votes to 1666).

"The people have decided they want me to continue, and that’s what I’ll do," Broderson said. 


Kelcey Brackett defeated incumbent Scott Natvig by 85 votes.

Brackett, one of the challengers who upset two incumbents on the Muscatine council, posted a video on his website suggesting what may be in store for City Administrator Gregg Mandsager.  

"Muscatine, it's time to clean up our mess," Brackett said in the video. "We've been led down a path that is hurting us and creating division. I promise you that I will do everything that I can to root out the problems at City Hall -- no matter who they are -- and I will pull them out by the roots."

Brackett lived in Muscatine since 1998, when he began working for Stanley Consultants as a technician for the MuscaNet internet service.


Oswald Malcolm soundly defeated Michael Rehwaldt, a self-employed executive recruiter and second generation council member.  Rehwaldt's father was on the council before him. Rehwaldt has been on the council since January 2014.

Malcolm, served up an even more decisive defeat for incumbent Rehwaldt, winning with 71 percent of the vote and by a more than 2-to-1 margin (481 to 188 votes).  

Malcolm, 60, is a volunteer with the Salvation Army of Muscatine, and works with churches and youth groups. He has lived in Muscatine for six years.


Nadine Brockert served up a decisive victory in the four-way race to fill the council seat vacated by Bob Bynum, who opted not to run for re-election due to illness.

Brockert garnered almost half of the total votes in the 4th Ward race (48.94 percent), beating her closest opponent, HNI employee Brian Freitag (298 votes to 187). Vance Crumley and Larry Murray were also 4th Ward candidates.

Brockert is a retired executive assistant from Monsanto. She said her campaign priority is to bring an affordable food store to Muscatine's disadvantaged south end. 

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