Clinton and Trump interactions will set debate tone

Confrontations wouldn't be surprising

By Jim Niedelman |

Published 09/27 2016 03:48PM

Updated 09/27 2016 03:48PM

Rock Island's dreams of Walmart went awry and left the city with "the lot of retail dreams."

And, Donald Trump will be on the same stage with Hillary Clinton.

These topics came up during a conversation on 4 the Record with former Illinois Congressman Phil Hare, a Democrat, and former Iowa Republican Party Chair Steve Grubbs.

Both Grubbs and Hare say the Walmart deal hurts the community. It is something people in Davenport and other parts of the Quad Cities are paying attention to.

Hare and Grubbs say the $15 million investment should have delivered something tangible by now.

Grubbs maintains it's better to build the local economy by investing in existing businesses and helping them build out and expand in the community. He says their success will lead to more jobs and attract complementary businesses.

Hare and Grubbs agree there could be a lot of political fallout in the spring and don't believe any elected jobs are safe.

Grubbs says Mayor Pauley would face a tough time in a reelection campaign.

Hare says he'd like to see a grocery store in the empty lot in Rock Island that was supposed to be home to the Walmart.

In the race for the White House, Monday's the big night when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meet for their first debate.

Donald Trump goes in as the underdog in terms of the electoral college map from CBS News. According to individual state polling, if the election took place now, Clinton would have 273 electoral votes to 191 for Trump. This has five states and 74 electoral votes as toss ups.

That's still enough to win the presidency even with typical swing states like Florida and Ohio up for grabs.
She could still win the White House while losing both of those.

That's unheard of considered the history of recent elections.

Both Grubbs and Hare discussed how this affects the strategy for each of the candidates in Monday's debate.

The general topics for the debate are America's direction, achieving prosperity and securing America.

One question is how confrontational this debate will be. Grubbs says be expects Trump to react to Clinton's tone to determine how confrontational he is. Grubbs only expects Trump to go on the attack if Clinton strikes first, otherwise he will stick to a more civil approach.

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