Congress needs to legislate with presidential guidance

President Trump delegating big issues without real instruction

This week's 4 The Record panel topics include:

+ Some bipartisanship provides a stay of execution for the Affordable Care Act.

+ President Trump does a lot of delegating when it comes to some of the biggest issues facing the country to Congress.

+ Iowa's election system has been targeted by hackers repeatedly.

All things Democratic political consultant Porter McNeil and Republican campaign manager Terry Schilling talked about this morning on 4 The Record.

Health care

Restoring the insurance subsidies was a basic move.

It wasn't long ago that Republicans pulled the plug on these talks.

McNeil and Schilling discussed how much confidence they have that there will be more deals on the issue and whether the federal government is the best place for these decisions to be made.

Trump delegating to Congress

Health care is one example. The Iran nuclear deal is another.

DACA and immigration reform is yet another.

These are some issues where President Trump has stepped in to revoke some policies established under President Obama, only to punt it back to Congress to do something rather than offer his own legislation.

Schilling and McNeil debated whether this should be up to the president or Congress and what's at stake for those perceived to be in control.

Mueller investigation

President Trump made another call for Robert Mueller to end his investigation into his campaign associates' ties to Russian agents during last year's election.

This comes as U.S. investigators identified a Russian oligarch very close to Vladimir Putin as being the primary financier to spread phony news stories on social media during the election.

The Mueller interviews of those close to the president continue. Carter Page is expected to invoke his fifth amendment rights in this investigation.

McNeil and Schilling talked about the comfort level of the Trump administration on the issue.


We learned recently from Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate that hackers try to penetrate the state's system hundreds of thousands of times a day that Russians were behind an attempted intrusion last year.

Pate now plans to ask state lawmakers for more money to upgrade iowa's election system, especially at the county level.

His Democratic challenger in next year's election criticizes Pate claiming he downplayed the threat in the past.

Schilling and McNeil agreed that Iowa and the country should be doing more to ensure no one can tamper with elections.

Watch the entire panel discussion in the video above.

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