Mayor Scott Raes sees more growth opportunities for Moline

Riverfront after demolition of old I-74 bridge extremely promising

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. - There is a lot of anticipation for the start of construction on the new I-74 bridge.

We're months away from the work starting, but years away from it being done.

The big finale is the demolition of the existing bridge and that will open up a lot of space along Moline's riverfront.

Moline Mayor Scott Raes discussed this issue and other economic opportunities during an appearance on 4 the Record.

says Moline is already receiving proposals for that land that will be open after the existing I-74 bridge is demolished. Raes sees it becoming a mix of green space as well as commercial and residential property.

We hear so much about the Q multimodal station and the hotel that will go there to complement the rail station. The building's supposed to be ready this year.

There is the likelihood the hotel will open at least months before the train service begins, perhaps longer.

Raes says the hotel company already did its calculations and says it doesn't expect to struggle without train service. Raes also says the work being done by the state of Illinois on the rail line has the direct service to Chicago on track to start running in 2018.

There's another hotel planned downtown that would convert the Fifth Avenue building. This would be upscale. Raes says there is demand for this service to enable it to thrive. He says a high-end hotel is one thing Moline is missing and this would fill a need.

Raes says Moline's growth will continue to help the city capitalizes on the resources necessary to sustain the kind of development he wants to see.

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