President Trump's changing positions spawn deeper partisan divide

Stance changed on Syria, China and NATO in the same week

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. - Politics seems to matter more than results when it comes to solving the Illinois budget stalemate. The choices in Syria aren't as clear cut as a lot of people think. And, the president sings a lot of different tunes from the Oval Office than he did on the  campaign trail.

These are some of the topics addressed with former Scott County Democratic Party Chair Karl Rhomberg and former Rock Island County Republican Party Chair Bill Bloom during an appearance on 4 the Record.

We're almost through three legislative sessions in Illnois without a budget deal and the state's deficits keep mounting.

It's too easy to play the blame game. Democrats point to Governor Rauner being unreasonable. Republicans say House Speaker Michael Madigan has been in control too long and is ruining the state.

Rhomberg and Bloom shared their thoughts about whether we've gotten to the point where political power in Springfield has become more important than the people of Illinois,

Syria's denial of last week's chemical weapons attack on its own people continues to outrage western civilization.

It's made worse by Russia's support of the position where both countries also doubt the legitimacy of the news footage and whether children were actually killed.

While the U.S. military response was widely cheered, it's hard to argue it was effective. Planes were utilizing the Shayrat Airbase hours after the missile attack and the move puts the United States at risk of overextending itself in the region.

Neither side in the civil war is made up of people worthy of being aligned with the United States.

Syrian President Bashar al Assad's Shiite dictatorship is backed by Iran and Russia. He's fighting anti-government Sunnis made up of Isis with support from the Saudis, Turkey and Qatar.

Bloom and Rhomberg explained what role the United States should play when the choices are effectively Isis or Assad.

President Donald Trump sounds differently lately than he did on the campaign trail.

He's now in favor of going after Syrian President Bashar al Assad. Four years ago he said stay out of Syria.

This week he says the NATO alliance is relevant. He called it obsolete during the campaign.

Trump heavily criticized china for manipulating the value of its currency. Now he says it isn't doing it.

Both Rhomberg and Bloom explained what they make of the president's about face on these issues and how concerned Americans should be if this means his policy positions keep changing.

Rhomberg went on to call the president a pathological liar who should be removed from office.

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