45th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner: Mr.Thanksgiving's story

It's been a Quad Cities tradition for more than four decades

Published 11/26 2015 07:00AM

Updated 11/26 2015 07:20AM

It's been a Quad Cities tradition for more than four decades.

This is the 45th year Bob Vogelbaugh also known as Mr. Thanksgiving will put on his famous dinner.
It all started back in 1970.
Vogelbaugh didn’t have the title of Mr.Thanksgiving yet instead he owned a grocery store in downtown Moline.

While bagging groceries, Vogelbaugh asked customers what they had planned for Thanksgiving and many customers would say they'd be alone.
That’s when Vogelbaugh made his mission in life to change that.

This year's dinner will be Mr.Thanksgiving's 45th feast.
Feeding thousands can be costly.
His goal this year was $16,000  and with some last minute help from the community, Mr. Thanksgiving was able to reach that goal.

Mr.Thanksgiving 45th annual Thanksgiving dinner will be held at SouthPark Mall in Moline.
From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
The dinner is open to the public.

“My favorite part is when it starts at 4 o'clock all the people all the smiling faces and you know it's going and when people start visiting and people start dancing you know it's one gigantic party,” said Vogelbaugh.

Putting on a dinner like this takes many helping hands.
To help Mr.Thanksgiving set up Thanksgiving day or prepare food meet him at the food court of the SouthPark mall after 8 Thursday morning.
If that’s too early, you can still help tear down or serve food by meeting after 3 p.m. Thanksgiving day.

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