Village of East Davenport store reopens after fire

Published 05/30 2015 05:37PM

Updated 05/30 2015 05:37PM

It's been three weeks since a fire in The Village of East Davenport brought life as usual to a screeching halt for some.  But now one business is ready to reopen.

An electrical fire at Freddie's Fritters destroyed the pet boutique, damaged apartments and closed another business, Revolution in The Village, a consignment store next to Freddie's.  Until now, smoke damage had closed their doors.

"I honestly thought it was just a little smoky fire that someone saw and they were taking care of it," says owner of Revolution in The Village Lorena Bush.  "But as we drove up, we drove up in front of our store, all of our windows and doors were open. I saw three fire engines and I knew it was a lot more serious than what I anticipated. It takes your breath away. It really does."
It's not the end of the road for Revolution. But it's progress. The part of the store closest to the fire is still closed off to the public. But the rest of the space is open for business.
"These last three weeks has been a whirlwind," says Bush.  "I mean, it has been like 24/7. So I am excited about today and I can't wait to have things 100 percent back to normal." 
But getting back to normal in The Village is part of a much bigger picture. Looking next door, Camp McClellen Cellars, a store that sells locally made wine, has reopened. They were inspected by the Health Department the day after the fire and passed all the health and safety tests. But several apartments above the shops haven't been so lucky. 
"I think there was six of them," says Bush. "I know that they are not moved in. I think there is only one of them living there now." 
On Thursday, insurance inspectors looked into the fire but have not decided what electrical component is to blame. However, construction on Freddie's Fritters is said to start on Monday.


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