Addressing misconceptions about Muslims

The event was to help students understand classmates culture.

By Sarah Greene |

Published 02/10 2016 06:36PM

Updated 02/10 2016 06:36PM

Nawal Qamhi is student in the English as a Second Language program at Black Hawk college. She's originally from Morocco, but moved here eight years ago. While she says she's proud of her Islamic faith, she sometimes she feels uncomfortable in public places. 
"Some people, they think that we are terrorists, but we are not. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable being around people because they are looking like[....]to Muslims as terrorists." said Qamhi
It's those kinds of misconceptions that Dr. Lisa Killinger, the president of the Muslim Community of the Quad Cities, is trying to combat. 
During a conference with about 50 Black Hawk College students and staff members, she discussed ten myths about Muslims. The goal of the event was to help students better understand the culture of their fellow classmates. 
She said, "They're also going to come away with a little bit of respect for judging people as individuals; not judging as a whole faith community based on the violent acts of a person across--half way across the world."
Violence was a major misconception she addressed, saying the belief that the religion promotes violence is completely false. In fact, the religion promotes peace and violence is only acceptable in matters of self defense.  Another myth she busted is the belief that  Allah is different than the God Christians believe in, but Allah is simply the Arabic translation for the word 'god.'
Killinger says she hopes these kinds of talks will lead to more tolerance and respect for the Muslim community. 

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