Affordable Care Act insurance going up

Some will see higher rates depending on what side of the river they live on

By Krista Burris |

Published 10/26 2016 06:31PM

Updated 10/26 2016 06:31PM

Some people will pay more for health insurance they buy through the Affordable Care Act.
Higher premiums are among the changes to expect when open enrollment starts next week.
Depending on which state you live in you could also see fewer options.
The rate increases are higher in Illinois than Iowa.
The insurance counselor we spoke to has been helping people get covered since the marketplace opened three years ago.
She says lack of competition is may be partly to blame for the rate hikes. 
Jennifer Busch helps people enroll for marketplace insurance at Genesis East.
She says part of the blame for the rate hikes could be the lack of insurers.
Illinois only has one right now, Blue Cross Blue Shield.
Iowa lost one, but gain another. 
They have three insurers.
"I think we need more competition. Illinois has only one insurer, and their prices are higher... than Iowa," said Busch. 
Illinois State officials say the rates in the Illinois Quad Cities will go up by 40 to 60 percent.
While the Iowa Division of Insurance Spokesperson says the rates statewide will rise only 20 to 40 percent.
Busch says people shouldn't be too worried.
"I would not like to say that the premiums are going up. They are going up, but I would like my consumers not to be fearful about that because the tax credits will go up and the federal poverty level will go up. So, I don't know if their premiums will go up that much," said Busch. 
This is also the first year enrollment will be completely paperless. 
"Quite honestly, I never did one paper application.  The website is working very, very well. I would recommend applying electronically over the website, and if a person does not have access to the internet, it can be done at the library. And again, we are happy to help people with that," said Busch. 
She says people should consider all their options, and have all the needed documents if they visit an insurance navigator. 
"They should have a really good estimate of their gross income for the entire household for 2017. They need everybody's social security numbers and names and birth dates for tax household. An immigrant family would need their documents," said Busch. 
Enrollment for insurance through the affordable care act starts on Tuesday.
Insurance navigators suggest applying by December 15th to be insured by January 1st. 

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