Arsenal Museum Wish List

By Steve Long , Heather Stevenson |, Crispin Havener

Published 08/07 2014 10:58PM

Updated 08/07 2014 11:16PM

"Our current mission was given to us in the mid 1980's, is the history of Rock Island Arsenal," says Kris Leinicke, Rock Island Arsenal Museum Director.

And what a rich history it is. From the products manufactured on the island, to the people who worked hard to manufacture them, the Rock Island Arsenal Museum houses collection after collection that tells the stories.

But despite all you see, this mission is far from finished. And the items on their wish list are as diverse as the arsenal projects and workers themselves.

"Now me personally, because of my gender, one of the things I would just love for us to have is the uniform that the women had to wear when they worked here in the shops in World War I," Leinicke says. "We would like to have a complete set of the model 1910 equipment because not only was it designed at Rock Island Arsenal, but a lot of it was produced at Rock Island Arsenal."

"Another favorite that's on our list that would be really hard to get into the exhibit hall is the M718 Jeep Ambulance."

From clothes to cars, no wish list item is too big or small to add to this ever growing collection, or maybe you have something you've already seen in the museum. That doesn't mean Leinicke and her team won't take a spare.

"Somebody might have a better example of something than we have," Leinicke says.

And if the museum isn't the right home for your military artifact, don't worry.  The experts here will help you find the perfect fit.

"That's what's nice about the Army Museum System,"  Leinicke says. "There's 60 U.S. Army museums and each one of us was approved a different mission statement in the 1980' we together tell the whole Army story and each of us has own little niche, then we don't compete with one another."

For more on the Arsenal's wish list, click here and watch this web extra.

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