Bill to make recording fights illegal

Published 02/11 2016 06:46PM

Updated 02/11 2016 06:46PM

If you are on social media, you may have come across videos of fighting. Now one Illinois lawmaker wants to make sure it's a crime to post them.
Local 4's Kelsey Gibbs explains what started the push.
After seeing a fight on the local news, Representative Terri Bryant says she had to do something.
"There was a fight between two kids. And while the kids were fighting 14 year old and 12 year old. In the 14 year old is kind of kicking in the head 12 year old," said Rep. Bryant (R) 115th District. 
Bryant says instead of using phones to call for help, some will hit record. She says that's what prompted her to take the issue to the statehouse. 
"Can't have people who are premeditated assault against other individuals so someone can record it and get there 15 minutes of fame on a social media site," said Bryant. 
The proposal wouldn't take current rights away. 
"It's nothing to do with not allowing someone to post a video, in fact they can still post the video. It's about making sure that victim is taken care of," said Bryant.
Bryant says the bill is in its early stages, but people say something needs to be done about cyber-bullying. 
"There are certain videos that get very very graphic and there's been a few times where it's really just heartbreaking," said Destiny Rodriguez, Chicago resident. "It should be considered a crime specifically if it's towards bullying. And I feel like there's certain videos where you can tell the person is getting bullied because they're the one that's really getting beat down."
However, a bill like this can be a hard sell. 
"What bullying is a really big thing in today's society until you don't really know who the victim is in that situation because clips are cut down so short," said Erica Martinez, Chicago resident. "I do agree that it should be illegal to post those kinds of things but how are we going to regulate that that is my question about it."


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