Brady Street's two-way traffic affects local bussineses

Brady Street's conversion to a two-way street has been in place for ten days

By Sarah Greene |

Published 08/27 2015 06:43PM

Updated 08/27 2015 06:45PM

Brady Street's conversion to a two-way street has been in place for ten days, and some local business owners say they've already noticed a hit to their bottom line.
The owner of Rocket Resale on Brady Street, Cindy Williams, had high hopes for the two way traffic, but has been disappointed so far.
She said, "There's more cars going past, but I think it's been more difficult for them to turn in and park." 
Williams says the two-way traffic is hurting her business, but hopes as people become more familiar with the change of directions things will get better. 
Over on Harrison Street, Jessica Argyle, the owner of Iron Lion says the road closure down the block isn't drawing away her customers, "We have kind of a niche market here in the disc golf shop so our customers are going to come regardless. "
The Harrison Street work is slated to be finished by December, but it could wrap up even earlier.
However, according to Alderman Bill Boom, come next year Harrison Street will be shaken up again and turned into a temporary two-way, "We will have the reverse, so Brady will be closed down and Harrison will be opened up as we go ahead to do that street."
Boom believes the possibility of making Brady and Harrison two way streets permanently would ultimately benefit local business.  
There aren't any plans to make the two-way permanent, but it will be something researched while the Harrison project is going on. 

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