Businesses banking on drag racing event

Shop owners are looking forward to the return of the World Series of Drag Racing

CORDOVA, Ill. - Businesses look forward to cashing in on the return of the World Series of Drag Racing.
Some lost money last year when  the event moved to Memphis.
That turned out to be a one-time deal and now it's coming back home to Cordova.
"Everybody's excited that it's coming back..." said Layne.
Anthony Layne owns Layne Automotive in Fulton, Illinois.
Throughout the year he fixes cars, including dragsters.
"We do a lot more business the couple of weeks leading up to the world series just because, it is the World Series, and a lot of people don't race but other than the World Series," said Layne.
Cordova Mayor Dean Moyer says the big competition helps a lot of businesses and the county.
"There are some people that live in town that and the surrounding communities that work there, which helps, and of course, it helps Rock Island County with taxes they get out of that, but mostly it's the gas stations and the businesses right along the highway," said Moyer.
Aside from the economic impact, many drag racers say the event is big for families in the area.
It was held in Cordova for more than 60 years before going to Memphis for a year.
"I think with Cordova and the World Series, it's been here so long that it's just been part of tradition for everyone here, and I think that's why it does so well here," said Layne.
Layne says the rush for racers is different at world series.
"You get to perform in front of 25, 35 thousand people, and I know the kids with the junior dragsters, they really enjoy. A lot of the adults, they enjoy racing in front of all the crowd. You get to see a lot of people throughout the event that normally don't come to Cordova just because they plan their schedule to be at Cordova for the World Series," said Layne. 
"I hope all the racers and all the fans come back and make it a big success and prove that it's a good choice to be here and stay here," said Moyer.
The World Series of Drag Racing is set for August 25th-27th.

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