Camanche takes another blow with IPSCO layoffs

TMK IPSCO is going through it's third round of layoffs this year.

By Krista Burris |

Published 08/29 2015 11:56AM

Updated 08/29 2015 11:56AM

Some workers in a small Iowa community are getting some bad news today. 
TMK IPSCO went through it's third round of layoffs this year, giving pink slips to another 43 workers.
Most people enjoy lower gas prices, but the down oil market isn't good for business at IPSCO, or the pockets of the workers they've let go. 
 "A lot of them have been working there a long time, and they've put a lot of time with their families and stuff working there, and it's kind of heartbreaking you know," said Craig Hilgendorf
Hilgendorf knows people who've lost their job at the steel plant, and he says it's not easy for them to get back on their feet. 
"It's hard for them to find jobs that are comparable to the ones they were doing," said Hilgendorf.
"It's discouraging. It's a hardship for people. We certainly do sympathize," said Camanche City Administrator Tom Roth.
Roth says city leaders are trying to bring jobs back to the Camanche.
"We have some irons in the fire, some issues, some opportunities that we've been working with, but it's difficult to replace industries that employ a couple hundred or 300 people," said Roth.
IPSCO makes steel pipe for oil drilling operations and the spokesperson says lower gas and oil prices are reducing demand for that pipe.
That's caused the company to be temporarily idled.
They hope to reopen when market conditions improve.
"We all enjoy low gas prices. We've appreciated it greatly, but for every action, there's an opposite an equal reaction," said Roth.
Roth and Hilgendorf say some laid off workers will have to find work in a different city. 
"To just pick and leave, when they have roots in the community. It's kind of tough to see them go," said Hilgendorf. 
Hilgendorf says the layoffs won't just hurt the workers, but businesses in town.
He thinks the effects are likely to trickle down to small businesses in the area. 

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