Centennial bridge closure affecting businesses

By Alice Kang | akang@whbf.com

Published 08/19 2014 05:39PM

Updated 08/19 2014 06:44PM

Centennial Bridge Closed
Centennial Bridge Closed

The Centennial bridge shut down has been a headache for local drivers but

they aren't the only ones. You've probably heard the phrase "location is key” but businesses surrounding the Centennial bridge say the shutdown has made their location a lot less accessible, meaning many customers simply aren't coming.

All businesses can do is wait as days slowly pass until the bridge re-opens. Rivers edge antiques located just walking distance from the centennial bridge has seen half their normal customers since the bridge closed down.

"They told me they'd see me when the bridge is open so it's just too hard for them to get across the arsenal, 74,” said Mark Townsend, owner of Riversedge antiques.

The same goes for Atlante in rock island, where the owner says they've been having to pinch their pennies to stay afloat.

"We need to make about little over five hundred dollars to keep up with the bills. When you're starting to hit three hundred that's really cutting into it,” said Deborah Berghger, owner of Atlante Trattoria.

Over in Iowa, businesses say it came to a surprise.

The owner of Sippi's had hoped alternate routes like the Government bridge would keep customers coming in.

"The traffic, from like arsenal all being backed up and all of that I think it's detouring a lot of people to even try to come over so it's definitely affected us,” said Casey Weimerskirch, manager at Sippi’s.

Those at the German Heritage Center say a freezing cold winter and now this has made for a tough double whammy.

"We're hoping that our friends and supporters in the area will take an opportunity to come while it's quiet and peaceful,” said Janet Brown-Lowe, executive director at the German Heritage Center.


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