Changes coming to Citibus Service

Despite rider complaints, alderman approved adjustments to routes and hours.

By Krista Burris |

Published 11/24 2015 10:21PM

Updated 11/24 2015 10:21PM

There will be changes to Davenport's CitiBus system, and some riders aren't happy about them.
That's after the city council gave the go ahead Tuesday.
Opponents failed to convince aldermen to reject the proposal.
About ten people got up before the city council speaking against the changes to citibus.
The council listened and made some modifications, but in the end, there will be new routes and more hours for the citibus service.
"I will take steps to get a lawsuit against the city council and the transit system," Citibus rider Donald Stevens.
Stevens isn't giving up even after the Davenport City Council voted nine to one to change the CitiBus system.
Buses will run an hour longer during the week, and hour and a half longer on Saturdays and for the first time, they'll run on Sundays.
While the buses will be on the streets more, they won't take as many routes.
That number dropped from 16 to 11.
In some cases, passengers will have to walk farther to catch a bus. 
"It makes it more dangerous for people...with walking problems to walk to and from that area. The elderly are going to be displaced, the poor will be displaced," said Stevens.
A few riders complained about losing access to businesses along Elmore Street if that route was cut as planned.
"I know one person that works at Taco Bell on Elmore. He says he's either going to have to find another job or get transferred to another location because he won't be able to catch a bus," another CitiBus rider at the meeting. 
But the council decided to keep that route at the last minute with limited hours.
Mayor Bill Gluba agreed with passengers who wanted to table the proposal.
"I haven't really found anybody really coming saying what a great plan this is at public hearings. They say there's some good points to it, but all I've heard were people who use the system who got problems with it," said Gluba. 
But the overwhelming majority of aldermen pushed through the changes and are open to making more.
"This is a process, as many people have said, and I do think, and I've thought about it, to make sure that we get feedback several months, maybe a good six months after this has been implemented so that we can continue to tweak that," said Ward 8 Alderman Kerri Tompkins.
Davenport will spend 30 days next year educating the public before implementing the changes.
That will start at the beginning of June with plans for the new routes to go into effect on July 1st. 

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