Citibus, Metrolink merger possible in the Quad Cities

By Ashley Richmond |

Published 08/24 2016 09:23PM

Updated 08/24 2016 09:23PM

Davenport alderman heard plans for a large transit system merger Wednesday night.
The proposal would combine Davenport's Citibus transit system with the Metrolink system used in Rock Island, Moline, and East Moline. Supporters say the move make it easier for riders to get where they need to be and make the public transportation system operate more efficiently.
"When you call customer service, the person who's on the other end of the phone can help  you get from Davenport to Rock Island without having to tell you 'call another system and find out more from them'," said Brandon Wright, Davenport's Finance Director.
Aldermen authorized the next step. They directed city staff to look into what it would take to merge. More research will be done to come up with a detailed plan. It would still be a few years before there are any significant changes.

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