City Council disappointed in ruling for Muscatine Mayor

Muscatine mayor Diana Broderson keeps her job, city council pushback continues

It's a major victory for Muscatine mayor Diana Broderson after a district court judge ruled in her favor Tuesday night

Muscatine County District Court Judge Mark Cleve issued the final ruling, saying Muscatine city council violated Broderson's right to due process. 

City Council Member at Large, Santos Saucedo, called the judge's decision "disappointing," and says the ruling isn't a win. 

"That's a public perception that you're gonna say hey, I won, I won. What did you win? What did you really win? You won a decision that you believe I got off on a loophole," said Saucedo. 

As the discussion poured over into Wednesday, neighbors in Muscatine say they just want to put this battle to rest. 

"We need to move forward. What our community needs to do, we need to move forward, we need to let the past go, and there needs to be peace," said Shelly Servadio, a local business owner and Muscatine resident.

Saucedo says the mayor has painted a false picture for the public, and cautioned voters as they head to the polls in November. 

"I hope that the voters can go out and actually see this chaos that she created. What you see on TV is not what you see behind closed doors. And so what you have in a public perception of saying 'oh I'm the innocent one' that's completely 180 degrees," said Saucedo. 

Saucedo went on to say the judge's ruling doesn't consider the whole picture, noting the charges and issues they raised are still there.

For Muscatine resident, Lisa Keith, she says she knows who she's voting for, and says "new blood" is needed around the council's table. 

"I like the mayor, she's a nice lady...I think the judge ruled the right way because they upped and fired her without reasoning."

And while Saucedo says the council has not discussed appealing the judge's decision, his perception isn't changing. 

"I know what I know, and I know what's right and what's wrong and I'm gonna stand up for what is right." 

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