City of Bettendorf could see food trucks on public property by next Spring

Some restaurant owners are concerned for what that means for their businesses

BETTENDORF, Iowa. - Bringing food trucks to Bettendorf.

That's what's on the table for consideration, as city leaders got area restaurant and food truck owners together for an important discussion.

"I think it's great that we have opportunities where people communicate like this openly," said Bettendorf Economic Development Director Jeff Reiter. "They can see both sides of the spectrum. So that way, the city council administration doesn't have to get super involved in how it happens, they get to speak for themselves."

Purgatory's Pub owner Trish Norris was one of the owners who got to speak for themselves.

She says the Davenport model that Bettendorf is using as an outline, doesn't fit the mold here.

"We don't have that walkabout area. There's not people walking around," said Norris. "So, they're coming to your destination specifically to eat."

And, that may cost her restaurant some business.
"So, now they're going to have a choice of 'well, I can stop here and choose from four different food trucks, or come to where I was going in the first place," said Norris.

But, Quad Cities Food Truck Alliance President Chad Cushman says one of the main goals of area food trucks is to work together with local businesses.

"We're not here to encroach on anybody else's business," said Cushman. "That's not what we're trying to do at all. And, since the food truck ordinance has been put in place in Davenport, and we have started the food truck season, we honestly haven't had any pushback."

As the discussions are set to continue for the foreseeable future, restuarant owners want it to be known that they are not against the growth of food trucks in the area.
They just want to find a plan that works for everyone.

"I love food trucks," Norris said. "I went and stopped, I love the food, I'm great with that. But, as a business person in Downtown Bettendorf that is not good for my business that I've worked on for fourteen years. So, it's a discussion we need to have."

The City of Bettendorf will begin conducting a survey, to further understand the public's opinion of food trucks in the city. To access the survey, visit

The survey will be available from tomorrow (Tuesday) until Sunday.

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