Clinton County Courthouse reopening Friday

Structural problem in the basement forced closure

UPDATE: The Clinton County Courthouse will reopen on Friday.


Clinton County Courthouse will be closed

The Clinton County Courthouse will be closed for a couple of weeks due to a structural problem in the basement.

County maintenance crews found a collapsed support beam in the basement of the courthouse during a routine check of the grounds and immediately evacuated.

After further inspection, crews found the courthouse needed to be closed for at least two weeks to repair the damage. During this time crews will work on supporting the structure to allow the building to be occupied. More work will be needed to ensure the safety of employees and residents.

The initial findings show the beam, which only supports the first floor,  failed due to the age of the building, not because of the ongoing construction on the grounds.

Even though this is an inconvience for the staff and residents, city officials say the moving went process was a smooth as possible.

"It's really interesting to see that by the time we closed the courthouse, 42 minutes later court was already in session in our board courtrooms here." Says, Shawn Hamerlinck, Clinton County Board of Supervisors Chairman, "However, the Clinton County Board of Supervisors will be meeting on Monday at our satilite office in Dewitt "

All activites regularly scheduled at the courtouse, including court appearances, are being held at the County Administation Building. That's at the intersection of 19th Avenue North and North 3rd Street in Clinton.

Officials say they say they should be back to the courthouse within the next two weeks.


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