Cloud cover could put a damper on solar eclipse viewing in the Quad Cities

Mostly cloudy conditions are expected in the Mississippi Valley region Monday

QUAD CITIES - A cold front is making its way through the Upper Midwest and will be firmly in place over Iowa on Monday. With added moisture moving into the area and the front, cloud cover could make it difficult to view the solar eclipse on Monday. 

The amount of cloud cover really depends on the placement of this front. As of right now parts of the area could have a clear skies mixed in which would give the opportunity to see the eclipse in between clouds. The further south and east that you are able to go, the more sunshine you can expect. Iowa will most likely have the thickest and most widespread cloud cover. 

A round of storms early on in the day will also influence cloud cover. If the storms clear out earlier then we could have a little more sunshine than clouds but as of right now it doesn't seem like lots of sunshine is to be expected. 

Severe weather is also possible in the evening so if you are traveling to see the eclipse make sure you are remaining weather aware on your trip back in case storms hit. These are to be expected after sunset and closer to midnight. 

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