Community Colleges reel at state funding loss

Carl Sandburg College is loosing nearly $500,000 for the 2016-2017 school year.

By Johnie Freiwald |

Published 06/29 2015 10:44PM

Updated 06/29 2015 10:44PM

Community colleges across Illinois are reeling from cuts in state funding. Carl Sandurg College will lose almost half a million dollars. 
The cuts could affect students here in the Quad Cities.
Carl Sandburg College is like all community colleges a place where students can get a quality education at a reasonable price. For some students, it's an opportunity to save money and begin their journey to achieving their dreams.
"Sandburg is the foundation of my education," said student Charlie Njunga. "Because I'm from Africa. and my goal is to go to over masters degree, at the community college like Sandburg is a good place for me to build my education," 
Many students like Charlie Njunga use community college to jump start their education, an education school administrators don't want to see affected by state funding cuts. 
"We have tried to just gain efficiencies every where that we can," said Carl Sandburg College President Lori Sundberg. "When someone retires we look at that position and we say do we have to fill it again, or is there a way that we can collapse it. So we have really tried to make all of the cuts that we can make that don't really effect the students. but at some point with cuts it's going to have to effect services." 
Since 2008 Carl Sandburg College has lost 40 percent of it's base aid funding and 94 percent of its equalization funding. 
These finds go towards thing like teacher salaries and upkeep. That means without it students could see higher tuition and larger class sizes in the future.
"Next spring when we look at tuition again it will have an impact on it almost certainly," said Sundberg. 
The equalization funding that is being so heavily cut at Carl Sandburg College is based on a formula. The formula benefits schools that have increasing enrollment in areas with decreasing property values. But this formula is not a one size fits all and isn't working in favor of school's like Carl Sandburg. 

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