Constructing security measures at the I-74 Bridge construction site

One company has been hit three times by thieves since August

Moline, Ill. - Many people in the Quad Cities are anxiously awaiting the completion of the new I-74 Bridge, but crews are running into a big problem, an increase in burglaries.

Phoenix Corporation of the Quad Cities started working on the project in August.

They've already had three break-ins. The latest was November 7 and caught on camera. A man can be seen around a trailer on the construction site before captured by police a few minutes later.

It was part of new measures put in place for a crime one construction company says they didn't have to worry about much before. 

Contract and Safety Manager for Phoenix Corporation of Quad Cities Andrew DeCap said, "It's seemingly has become more of an increased opportunity. It's not something we've really worried about in the past."

While buzzing with activity during the day, when the sun sets, the action dies down, leaving this construction site proving to be a crime of opportunity for thieves looking to make a score. 

The target isn't equipment tasked with moving dirt.

Andrew DeCap with Phoenix Corporation of the Quad Cities says it's the tools stored inside cargo trailers needed in building parts of this billion dollar project. 

DeCap said, "Wouldn't commonly think would be something that the common thief would want, but it's increasingly become more of an issue."

 After the second incident, Phoenix Corporation decided to install motion and audio activated cameras that alert company officials to anyone on site, including thieves. They say it's not just about protecting this construction site and equipment trailers, but helping to keep this project moving forward.

"It really can burden everyone in the field on our job sites," said DeCap. "I mean, when we have missing equipment we can't operate the next day, so it takes a lot of legwork to replace that and time and money."

Besides installing cameras, construction companies are also teaming up with the Moline Police Department to increase patrols around work zones.

DeCap said, "It's truly invaluable not just to us but the community and the Quad Cities as a whole. I don't think anyone wants criminals running around trying to take their belongings."

For DeCap, the police action is allowing his crews to focus on what they do best. 

"Being local and having that pride to say that we had a hand in building this new great bridge for our community is something that's really special to us," said DeCap.

DeCap says at the end of the day, some of the larger equipment is moved in front of the trailers to provide another roadblock for thieves trying to access what's inside.

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