Cryotherapy has made its way to the Quad Cities

It's helping poeple stay cool and healthy

DAVENPORT, Iowa - At -240 degrees, this liquid nitrogen chamber is the coldest place in the Quad Cities. 

"The first minute I don't think it's too bad," says Keegan Glaus. "Once you hit two minutes then you start feeling the effects of how cold it is in there." 

But people aren't visiting 40 Drop Cryocenter in Davenport to escape the intense heat. 

"Typically we're having people come in to help fight off the pain," says Glaus.  

Cryotherapy technician Keegan Glaus says they treat a variety of things. 

Anything from joint pain, shin splints, arthritis and even torn ligaments.

The only thing people have to do is get inside the nitrogen chamber for three minutes. 

"It cools your skin temperature by 35 to 45 degrees, allowing the body the oxygen to flow throughout your blood," says Glaus, "and that's what helps reduce your pain and inflammation that you're suffering from." 

The therapy is not meant to heal, but allow people to go on with their lives with less pain 

"If you don't move it you lose it," says Teresa Dumerauf. "So we treat you enough so you can move easier and eventually we hope to reduce that pain to almost nothing or nothing." 

For more on 40 Drop Cryocenter, visit its website here.  

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