Current cops offer advice to hopefuls

Davenport cops let recruits know what they find fulfilling

Published 08/31 2016 10:41PM

Updated 08/31 2016 10:41PM

The Davenport Police Department held it's final of four recruiting workshops Wednesday night. Joining the hopefuls were current police officers who shared their stories and advice.

The department has received almost 200 applications, all for very few openings. The process itself can take an enormous amount of time.

"Be patient," said Officer Roberto Luna. "If it's something you really want to do don't ever give up because sometimes it's hard to get on the department."

"It could be from, from beginning to end, it could be almost a year before you're actually hired on," said Corporal Barry Peiffer. "Just some advice would be continue to stay after it, continue to educate yourself and continue to grow."

With all the news about police brutality and bad police-community relations, they still believe the career is fulfilling.

"There's some days where you get that feeling of accomplishment," said Luna. "Where you know you helped someone and really made a difference in their lives. If it's something little or something big you did, there are some nights that you go home feeling that. To me that's how I get enjoyment out of the job. I get to help somebody."

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