Divvydose brings jobs to Moline

The city of Moline seeks to help a private pharmacy company expand

Published 10/28 2016 06:03PM

Updated 10/28 2016 06:03PM

A loan agreement with the city of Moline could allow a full service pharmacy company to bring about 250 jobs to the city. Divvydose, a privately owned company is a startup based in Rock Island. It's a company that delivers medication to homes, to ensure patients are on schedule with taking their medication. Although the agreement is not finalized, Divvydose is a company with a unique concept. 
 "Rather than dispensing the medications in bottles, they actually do packets that are broken up by everyday and some people that have to take several pills a day, the packet will have the number of pills that they need to take, the time they need to take it and then the day of the week that they need to take it. So it's a really unique way to dispense medications, and it insures that the patient actually gets the medications that they need at the time that they need it," said Moline's planning development director Ray Forsythe. 
The city of Moline plans to help Divvydose expand by offering them a $400,000 dollar loan.That's in exchange for creating 200 new fulltime jobs within the first five years. This will allow Divvydose to become the largest privately owned pharmacy company in Moline. 

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