Donald Trump rallies in Davenport

Hundreds packed the Adler Theater to hear from the republican nominee

By Sarah Greene |

Published 07/28 2016 11:08PM

Updated 07/28 2016 11:08PM

Donald Trump stopped in Davenport Thursday. Hundreds packed the Adler Theater to hear from the republican nominee.  He spent about an hour talking to his supporters about the issues he'd address as president. Trump reiterated common themes from his campaign on both foreign and domestic issues.
He called for better trade deals, saying the U.S. Should make agreements with individual countries, rather than broader deals like NAFTA or the TPP. 
He wants to see the United States drop some regulations on businesses he says make it hard to compete with foreign companies. 
"We have to get rid of some of the regulations that are stopping new businesses from forming and killing the businesses we have," said Trump. 
Trump also stressed he would ensure the next supreme court justice would be a conservative like Antonin Scalia.
Of course, he didn't pass up the opportunity to criticize the speeches and speakers at the Democratic National Convention. 
Trump said, "I wanted to hit a couple of those speakers so hard."
Trump didn't address his recent controversy, when he encouraged Russian hackers to find Hillary Clinton's deleted e-mails. He's since backed-off that statement, saying he was being sarcastic.
However, He did mention strengthening relationships with the country. 
He asked the crowd, "Wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with Russia?"
While he kept his supporters inside the theater energized and on their feet during his speech, outside the Adler there were dozens protesting Trump. They were protesting some of his controversial ideas like building a wall on the border of Mexico and banning Muslims from entering the country.
A protester from Bettendorf, Paul Dobroski said, "A man who thinks he can tweet a 140 characters of hate anytime anybody questions him should not be allowed to be president."

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