Dust flying near Davenport roads as treatment work begins

Process to extend road life began Thursday, continues next week

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Dust is flying throughout davenport after crews laid down oil covered with gravel on several city streets.

viewer video captures the scene on 4th Street Friday morning. The city says it's a process called "cape sealing" and is encouraging motorists to drive slower to create more stopping distance. Roads remain open after the rocks were laid down because it helps push the gravel into the oil. Eventually city crews will put water on the area to knock down some of the dust. Last night you could see heavy dust flying in downtown Davenport as cars continued to stir it up. Next week crews will lay asphalt over the rocks which appear on parts of 2nd, 4th and Locust Streets. The city says the process helps extend the life of the roads by three to seven years.


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