Early voting starts in Illinois and Iowa

Voters turned out on the first day for a variety of reasons

By Krista Burris | kburris@whbf.com

Published 09/29 2016 06:27PM

Updated 09/29 2016 06:27PM

Voters in Iowa and Illinois cast the first ballots for the general election today.
Your local election headquarters as there for this first day of early voting.
Voters came out for a variety of reasons. 
"We were excited. As soon as we heard when the early voting was going to take place, we put a big circle on the calendar," said Elain Rexdale.
"We're leaving next week to go to Arizona for the winter," said JoAnne Edwards. 
"Actually, I was paying my taxes on my house, and I said, 'Oh gosh. I mine as well do it while I'm here,'" said Christie Rush.
Rush says she always tries to vote.
She says as she's gotten older she's realized more why it's so important.
"It affects me different. I'm worried about healthcare. I'm worried about the violence," said Rush. 
Voters are only able to vote right now in the elections office of the county courthouse in Illinois and Iowa.
The turnout for early voting is higher in Scott County.
About half the people who voted there in the 2012 general election, cast their ballots early.
Only about 34 percent of those who voted in Rock Island county, voted early.
Election officials in both counties urge people vote early.
"Take care of  your business early. Make sure you're registered, and if you can, make sure you're voted early," said Rock Island County Clerk Karen Kinney.
"Hopefully, people understand if they know who they want to vote for that they take advantage of the tools that are available and come in and do their early vote," said Scott County Auditor Roxanna Moritz.
Voters say it's better to get it out of the way now.
"You never know. Something could come up and then you feel bad about it, so we've got that taken care of," said Larry Sneath. 
"I just wanted to get my vote in, and to alleviate the problem later on because I'm going to go out and get more people to come and vote," said Randy Donnelly. 
More polling places will open up in Scott County on October 17th.
While voters in Rock Island County will have added locations on October 24th.

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