Employees left without answers after local business closes

Davenport, Iowa - A Local business has closed it doors without notice, leaving employees scrambling to find another job. 

Kelly's Irish Pub in Davenport posted a notice of closure on their door without any warning to customers or the employee's.

"I had a job poof, I didn't have a job."

Patrick Bell was working as a chef for Kelly's Irish Pub, however, Last Sunday a post on Facebook informed him he was no longer employed. 

"I found out from my son on social media that Kelly's Irish Pub had closed." Says, Patrick Bell, a former employee of Kelly's Pub, "And um, that's how i found out."

According to employment law attorney John Doak this happens often in the state of Iowa.

"Unfortunately this is something that we see all of the time particularly with bars and restaurants closing without notice." Says, Doak, " Because there are no good enforcement mechanisms that require notice in the state of Iowa unless you are an employer that has over 100 or more employees."

Patrick and his family relied on his income, but now a week after the restaurant closed it's doors, Patrick says he is out around $200 in back pay and the final check he did receive, bounced.

"He had paid me $330.10 and I had put it into the bank and I had paid a couple of bills and then just yesterday i found out that actually the check had bounced." Says, Bell.

 He has contacted the owner as well as multiple agencies trying to see how they can help.

"But right now there is not much that can be done from an immediate basis other than apply for unemployment and do an extensive job search to get hired as quick as possible." Says Doak, "Hopefully there are some generous people out there or agencies that can help with this situation."

Today Patrick says he just wishes he had a little warning, to try to help keep the business stay afloat or find another job.

Attorney Doak tells us this is an opportunity to take action so this won't happen to anyone else.

"This case is just horrific and it cries out for the legislature to take some action to require advanced notice."

Patrick has been a chef for 17 years and after this ordeal is currently looking for another position to support his family.



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