Galesburg still searching for gunman in Easter morning shooting

Victim's husband taking life day by day

A man wanted for murder in Galesburg is still on the loose more than two weeks after the Easter morning shooting. 

Galesburg Police have issued a nation-wide warrant for 28-year-old Jonathan l. Kelly  in relation to the shooting. Police named Kelly as a suspect on April 3. 

26-year-old Jenni McGruder was shot to death around 1:30a.m. in the morning April 1. Police responded to a call of shots fired where they found McGruder suffering from a gunshot wound in a nearby parking lot behind Seminary Street Pub. McGruder was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after. 

Police say McGruder was in the wrong place at the wrong time when she was killed, she had been walking through the parking lot with her husband, Michael McGruder. 

On Monday Michael McGruder told Local 4 News he hopes they find Kelly soon, but he won't let the possible gunman get in the way of moving his family forward. 

For Michael, these last few weeks have been about learning how to handle life after Jenni. 

"Now that everything is settled I just been thinking about my family and the different changes that we have to go through," he said. 

Now the single father of two says it's his kids, a one-year-old son and three-year-old daughter, that keep him going.  

"She's gone she can't come back and now I have to make sure I give them the best possible lives that I can give them," said McGruder.

But he says progess has only been possible with the help of the Galesburg community.  

"People message me all day every day asking  if I'm okay, checking in on me, it's just beautiful," he said.

While McGruder wants to see the gunman behind bars, he's focused on looking ahead.  

"I want my kids to live the happiest and best life they can possibly live from moving on."

He says he won't let those responsible rob his family of their future.  

"I'm not going to waste my time on him, he already changed our life, he ripped the family apart that we had, so I'm not gonna lose sleep over that guy," said McGruder. 

 And knows Jenni's legacy will continue to live on long after justice is served. 

"to spread that love and to be caring and affectionate and hopefully just brings this community together because tragedies like this usually do," he said.

The warrant for Jonathan Kelly's arrested is a nation-wide warrant with no bond. Galesburg police are urging anyone with information on his possbile whereabouts to come forward. 

Galesburg Police Department (309)343-9151 or Galesburg Crime Stoppers (309) 344-0044 / 1-888-266-0044 or text a tip – text the word “Galesburg” + your tip to 274637.

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