Gov. Rauner makes two stops in QC

Rauner talks about budget concerns and the President's trip to Springfield.

By Krista Burris |

Published 02/09 2016 06:32PM

Updated 02/09 2016 06:32PM

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner spent time in the QC Tuesday. 
Just a day ahead of the presidents visit to Springfield.
The governor spoke at a luncheon hosted by the Chamber of Commerce in Rock Island. 
He talked about his concerns over the budget, and how he plans to fix it.
Rauner says he's looking forward to seeing President Barack Obama.
Rauner  says he hopes Obama urges lawmakers to work together on a budget stalemate now in its eighth month.
"I hope he'll talk about Bipartisanship and talk about compromise and talk about government reforms that would be wonderful if he would," said Gov. Rauner. 
During a statewide tour Tuesday, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner stopped twice in the Quad Cities. 
A big focus, President Obama's visit on Wednesday.
Rauner says there's not much he agrees with the president on, but except for term limits and redistricting reforms. 
That's something the governor has pushed with his turnaround agenda. 
"In his State of the Union address he actually said, we need redistricting reform all around the United States, so that our politicians aren't picking our voters, our voters are picking our politicians, and boy, do we need that in Illinois. And when he was over in Africa he said term limits really bring new leaders, new ideas," said Rauner.  
Obama's visit is expected to focus on bi-partisanship.
Rauner took questions from  concerned residents who  are affected by the budget crisis.
Rauner says he's open to compromise, but lawmakers aren't as willing. 
"Either work with us for reforms or pass a tax hike to pay for services, but don't just do nothing and pass a budget that's five million dollars in the hole."
I spoke with locals at his second stop at the Happy Joes' in Milan.
Jack Carruthers says he's not happy about the budget mess, but he thinks changes is necessary. 
"It's sad that we have the impasse but we have to come to solutions that will honor retirements for our state employees, that we can afford, and we have to get more business coming to the state," said Carruthers
While jack isn't optimistic about the president's address to the Illinois General Assembly ,
Laura Evans says any little bit helps.
"We all need to work together to save our state. I've lived in Illinois all my life. I love the state of Illinois. I know a lot of people are leaving here. We've got to save our state," Evans of Edgington. 

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