Holocaust hidden child shares message with Bettendorf students

Marguerite Mishkin spoke to the need to fight against hate

Bettendorf, Iowa - A hidden child of the Holocaust is sharing her story of survival and message against hate.

Marguerite Mishkin spoke to Bettendorf High School students Monday morning.

During World War II, her Jewish parents both died at Auschwitz Concentration Camp, but Mishkin and her older sister were sent into hiding with a Belgian family.

Mishkin said she brings her story to students because the issue of hate she faced growing up still exists in modern society.

"Let's not fool ourselves and say everybody is going to love everybody else, but usually it's has been much more. Now it is so overt, you can see it all over," said Mishkin. 

While Mishkin's message and story were new to most students was new to most of the Bettendorf students, one of the students has come to know her life well.

Junior Maya Baker first met Mishkin while in the fifth grade for an interview. She then turned what she learned into a book.

Author of "A Nazi Loved Me," Baker said, "She told me how important it was to not hate, You have to love everyone, you have to be respectful. It's not fair to just hate someone because of this one little thing about them."

A fellow student, Erin McQuillen also provided illustrations for the book. 

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