Homeowners suing City of LeClaire

They say the city acted out of line approving plans to rezone for a Kwik Star

LECLAIRE, Iowa - Three homeowners are suing the City of LeClaire. 

They're fighting city council's decision to approve a new gas station last month. The homeowners say the LeClaire City Council overstepped its power and didn't follow procedure when they approved plans to rezone for a Kwik Star. 

The lawsuit was served just before the start of the city council meeting Monday night. It details nine instances where the homeowners think the city acted out of line. Those include failing to properly approve the plans, not notifying the necessary homeowners of the plans and usurping the power of the Planning and Zoning Committee. 

David Griffith is one of the homeowners suing the city. He's been protesting the rezoning for months and said he's frustrated things have gotten to this point. 

"I don't think LeClaire should [rezone]. I think LeClaire is selling itself short and we have to hold our city leaders accountable for what they're doing," he said.

The mayor was not at the city council meeting to comment. 

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