Illinois budget in House's hands

Senate votes to override governor's veto

SPRINGFIELD,Ill. - UPDATE: Illinois governor Bruce Rauner said that he will work to make sure the Illinois House does not override his veto, but gave no indication how he would go about accomplishing that. 



EARLIER UPDATE: Illinois House speaker Michael Madigan said Wednesday that a vote is planned for Thursday.



EARLIER UPDATE: The Illinois House has adjourned without a quorum. There will be no veto override today.




It's been more than two years since Illinois passed a full budget. Tuesday, the Senate took action. 

"The choice is simple, either we live to fight another day or we watch the state crash."

With roads closing and credit downgrades on the brink of junk bond status and university accreditation on the line, Democrats argues there was nothing left to discuss. 

"They were all on the brink if this didn't get done," Senator Bennet said. 

The three budget bills passed through the Senate are now headed back to the House after the Senate overrode the Illinois governor Bruce Rauner's veto by supermajority Tuesday afternoon

Republicans argue more could have been done to find a bipartisan solution. 

"Democrats took a turn, pulled back from the negotiation table pushed through this permanent income tax hike and really walked away from negotiations. I think it's unfortunate a really missed opportunity," said Senator John Barickman. 

But Democrats say that effort was put in. 

"We could not get as far as you wanted us to go I understand that in some area we did way more than we wanted to do, we'd like you to understand that."

Before budget bills were called to the floor, leader Brady gave his final plea. He urged a no vote. 

"Know that I stand today not capable of supporting this package not necessarily because what's in the package is bad but it's not complete," Brady said.

Brady also says the increase will harm businesses and families. The bill ended up passing with 36 votes. 

One Republican, Dale Righter, voted for the tax increase despite his belief the budget is not balanced. 

"I'm elected and work for the people of the 55 senate district and that's who made this vote today," Righter said. 

There could be a House vote later this week. But the exact date is still unclear. 


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