Illinois fined RI County-owned care center

Hope Creek Care makes major changes to facility

East Moline - A Rock Island County-owned nursing and rehabilitation center was fined $27,200 after an Illinois Public Health annual licensing survey.

About a third of the fine was waived, leaving a total citation of $17,000.

It's not the type of spotlight the Hope Creek Care Center want to be under after the Rock Island County-owned facility is cited by the Illinois Department of Public Health for issues relating to the care of residents.

Rock Island County Board Member Drew Mielke said, "I have good friends that are there right now this is troubling to me."

Drew Mielke, a Rock Island County Board member says they provide oversight to the facility but what's making that harder is they were never informed about the citation that dates back to June.

Mielke said, "We were not apprised of this and we should of been. This has happened time and time again in the past, I've been on the board where an IJ tag or something's been issued, a safety violation.

The state cited three main concerns at the facility: a resident getting stuck in the bed-side railing, resident-related fall assessments and a male resident who made sexual advances toward women at the center. 

Recently named Hope Creek Executive Director Cassie Baker says they acted quickly to address the issues, a month later coming into compliance. 

She adds they've made some significant changes since the report: removing bed-side railings, more education for staff and improve the workplace culture.

The Hope Creek Board of Directors has also taken steps to fill a shortage of workers starting with increased wages. 

President of Hope Creek Board of Directors Jessey Hullon said, "Trying to do what's best for the residents. We've brought more help, we've brought talent in Hope Creek where in the past we were not able to compete."

Board of Directors President Jessey Hullon says the changes are helping to turn Hope Creek toward a positive direction, but issues remain including financial difficulties in part because of state fiscal problems. 

Hullon said, "If the state would pay up some of its past bills, that would be a strong plus for Hope Creek."

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