Inside the Gates: New entry signs

Published 07/31 2014 09:09PM

Updated 07/31 2014 10:44PM

If you're passing by the three Quad City entrances to the Rock Island Arsenal, you may notice something a little different.

Big, bright, entry signs, complete with the army's signature star.

Since they were put in earlier this week, everyone's noticing the new signs.

Installed outside the Moline, Rock Island, and Davenport gates, they're some of the first of their kind for the entire department of defense.

"As people change their signs, update their signs, this is the type of sign that they're supposed to be installing,” said Mike Panilo, civil engineer for Rock Island Arsenal Public Works.

Arsenal officials said the standardized signs bring together the u.s. army brand.

"It represents the home of U.S. Army Logistics, which is one of the key pieces of Rock Island Arsenal.  A giant operation going on there that extends across the entire globe,” said Colonel Darren Werner, chief of staff for U.S. Army Sustainment Command.

The signs feature the army's signature star, and are made of solid aluminum.

And get this; they're all made on the arsenal.

"We have a representation of the craftsmanship that we have here at the arsenal.   I think that's absolutely fantastic we can work that out,” said Panilo.

Officials said they hope the signs will make the Rock Island Arsenal a little more noticeable to everyone that comes by.

"It helps us out a little bit with regard to what the factory is producing.  But mostly it's the pride, in ownership, as we continue on through the army and you see these signs everywhere you'll know where they came from,” said Colonel Werner.

The army hopes to continue making the signs at the Rock Island Arsenal for all army installations across the country.

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