Iowa Winter Weather Awareness Day

What You Can Do to Prepare

The National Weather Service marks today as Iowa Winter Weather Awareness Day. They are doing this because many factors of the season can be anything from a nuisance to life-threatening.

There are many dangers which come with the chilly season. The cold temperatures alone are easily remedied by dressing in multiple layers. However once it is below freezing, any gust of wind can make it feel MUCH colder. Wind Chill takes into account the temperature and the wind speed. With higher winds, exposed skin does not develop an insulating layer of air, so it allows the freezing air to come in direct contact. Ears, hands, and your face are most susceptible to these conditions.

Snow is an obvious part of winter weather to expect. While snow often means sledding, snowball fights, and snow angels, it can cause a lot of problems, especially on the roadways. The best way to avoid a collision is to not drive in adverse weather conditions. If you have to though, try to stick to major roadways which are usually the first to be treated or plowed. Increasing following distance is key as the traction goes down whenever there is even a little snow. Melting and re-freezing of snow can form a layer of ice, so even if it looks like fresh snow, there can often be ice just below which makes it even more dangerous.

The Moline Public Works department, as well as the others around the Quad Cities, are prepared for the winter to come. The past two years have been warmer and less snow has fallen, so they had a surplus of salt left over this season. You can hear more on this from Grace Runkle HERE.

The Climate Prediction Center issued its winter outlook in late October. Our region is expected to receive slightly cooler temperatures than average, with a slightly above average amount of precipitation. This does not necessarily mean all snow, but it does point to a winter season unlike the previous couple of years, closer to a normal winter. You can also find their official national outlook HERE.

Several places around the Quad Cities have already seen sleet or snow flurries. Typically, we see our first snowfalls in mid to late November. By the 15th of the month, our average low will fall below the freezing mark. Winter is coming, and we won't see average highs near 60 until Early April!

Stay warm!!!

More tips on how to be ready for winter weather can be found here.

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