JMTC wins energy efficient award

By Emily Scarlett |

Published 10/28 2016 07:35AM

Updated 10/28 2016 07:35AM

The Rock Island Arsenal's Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center is gaining national recognition, earning the Secretary of the Army Energy and Water Management Award. Local 4's Emily Scarlett takes us Inside the Gates with a look at their award-winning energy conservation achievements.

There are big changes happening at JMTC. Their previous Plating Shop was 40 years old, in bad shape, and consuming a lot of energy.
Joe Carpentier is an industrial engineering technician, he tells Local 4 News, "The old plating shop consumed 600,000 CFM of air it had to drag out of there to make it work. The new one will be approximately a tenth of that."
The Plating Shop machines handle everything from coating, plating, and cleaning parts. 
"Pretty much everything to prep metal for production," says Carpentier.
And with a brand new shop, it can do it all for a fraction of the price.
Carpentier says, "With that, just the plating shop alone will save us approximately $3 million a year."
New LED lights and unusually large ceiling fans are another major part of conservation efforts at JMTC.
Brad Nile is a supervisor at JMTC. He says, "Just like when you're at home and you've got a ceiling fan. The whole idea is to take that heat that rises up next to the ceiling and push it back down to the floor. We're doing the same thing here, we're just doing it on an industrial scale."
The department also has a much cheaper way of keeping the building warm during the winter months.
"We went from about 20% efficient with a coal system to over 90% with an info-red system," says Niles.
And a penny saved for JMTC, is a penny earned for you.
Niles tells Local 4 News, "Anytime that we can reduce the amount of money that we're spending to heat or cool an area, that goes into saving our rate, making our customers pay less."


The new plating shop is currently around 30% complete. JMTC is hoping to have the project finished by July.

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