John Deere Road work hurts local business

Quick Mart manager says they've lost a third of sales because of construction

MOLINE, Ill. - Construction work on John Deere road already has some business owners frustrated.

The $50 million project picked back up earlier this month.

The construction at 53rd Street and 44th Avenue is hurting business at this gas station according to the manager.

He says they've seen a dip in sales, and they're expecting things to get worse.

"It's impacting me very badly," said Abhilish.

Abhlish is the manager of the Quick Mart near 53rd Street and 44th Avenue.

He says since the road work started earlier this month, they've already lost a third of their profits.

"Sales are down so far. I don't know, when the John Deere Road moves from one side to the other side, I don't how that's going to impact," said Abhilish.

Westbound traffic was supposed to be moved to the the other side of the road.

IDOT resident engineer Brian Holliday says the rain is pushing the the schedule back.

"We're dodging rain drops right now. We're trying to do it this week. We're trying to switch the westbound lane into the temporary pavement that we constructed last year," said Holliday. 

Holliday says drivers shouldn't be impacted too much by the overnight road work.

"All the traffic switches that we're going to do on main line, we're going to do them at night," said Holliday. 

But, the Quick Mart manager still has some concerns.

"The traffic is away from us, so people don't even see there's a gas station on this side, so I don't know how I'm going to do business," said Abhilish.

On top of losing business, Abhilish says they're also paying double for gas delivery.

"They can not maneuver, they can not get it in and get it out. Now, they're bringing in a smaller truck, and it's half the size of what we normally get, and everyday we have to pay extra for that delivery. There is a delivery cost for that," said Abhilish.

Construction was set to close down the intersection of 53rd Street and 44th Avenue in front of the gas station on Monday that's been delayed because of the rain.

The gas station manager says he's trying to stay optimistic.

"Hopefully they're going to get it done, and once it's done. Hopefully, it's going to look nicer, and easier for us and good for our customers," said Abhilish.

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