Last minute preparations for John Deere Classic

Golf course maintenance crew works to get the course PGA ready

Published 07/06 2015 10:30AM

Updated 07/06 2015 10:30AM

After months and months of hard work, PGA pro's will be teeing off at TPC Deere Run for the John Deere Classic tournament that begins Thursday. But it's not just the pro's that are working hard to get all the birdies, the course maintenance crew has been working day in and day out to make the course picture perfect. 

In less than 24 hours John Deere Classic will kick off but before the pro's come out to the course there's some last minute preps that need to be done in order to make the course PGA ready.

It's all hands on deck for the golf course maintenance crew. A crew made up of 25 people working up to 60 hours a week to keep TPC Deere run in tip-top shape.

"This golf course looks the way it is 100 percent entirely because of our team,” said Alex Stuedemann, Director of golf course maintenance.

Stuedemann, the director of golf course maintenance, say it's a year long process to make the course PGA ready. Starting from keeping the grass on the fairways and greens short to mowing two to three times a day.

The green's the team uses this 600 pound roller to smooth the surface.

“The biggest key is to have consistent greens from hole to hole,” said Stuedemann.

On the 18th hole. this isn't something you would normally see. A grounds crew member rowing his way through the pond.

"We want it to look good on tv like a mirror glass so we've got individuals in the pound right now picking up the last little bit of debris any weed that might have been growing on the edges. Just giving it that final touch before next week,” said Stuedemann.

Last thing on the list? Filling divots. Making sure they are filled and patted down.

"We go through the golf course and repair every divot from the play over the 5 to 6 weeks,” said Stuedemann.

While crews have been working around the clock to make sure this course is up to par, officials say the work is far from over. They say they will continue to work hard to make sure the player and fans have the best PGA experience.


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