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Donating seizure safety pillows to kids with Epilepsy

By Tiffany Lundberg | tlundberg@whbf.com, Bryan Bobb | bbobb@whbf.com

Published 06/30 2015 08:47PM

Updated 06/30 2015 08:47PM

It's something most of us use every night when we go to sleep but for those with Epilepsy, a pillow can also be a danger.

That's why the Hammar family has teamed up with the organization Ribbons For Kellsey.

Brandi McGuire started the non-profit in honor of her daughter Kellsey in 2011.

It was her way of bringing awareness to the disorder while helping those living with Epilepsy.

The Hammar family is all too familiar with the dangers associated with the disorder.

Tom Hammar, the youngest of three brothers, lost his oldest brother John after he suffocated in his pillow during an epileptic seizure in the middle of the night.

Although the East Moline High School senior died almost 40 years ago, his memory has not been forgotten.

The Hammar family donated $9,000 to Ribbons For Kellsey with an additional $1,000 dollars from a donor at Enterprise.

The money will go to buy seizure safety pillows shipped from the U.K.

The pillows cost around $150 each and have small holes, which make them more breathable than a standard pillow.

It gives someone having a seizure more time to get the help they need.

"If one person doesn't have to go through what our family went through as a result of this donation, how can you put a dollar amount on that. It will be more than worth it," said Hammar.

Ribbons For Kellsey has been donating seizure safety pillows to kids around the Quad Cities area for years but McGuire said, it will now permanently be called the John. C Hammar Fund in his honor.

The Hammar family said, they plan to donate more money for pillows in the future.

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