Local 4's Finest: Michael Kinney

Rock Island man's life lessons for kids

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. - A Rock Island man is imparting his wisdom on the next generation - using his personal struggles to give students a road map to success.
"It's not about having one day that everything goes perfect, it's about every single day working towards your goals."
Be fearless: that's what Michael Kinney is trying to get across to this group of high-schoolers at Thurgood Marshall Learning Center.
A local guy who got into trouble as a youth, Kinney explains how he turned his life around with hard work and now owns his own outdoor adventure business - doing what he loves!
He now gives back to the community - speaking to students in the Quad Cities area.
"if nothing else, one of the biggest things I want to do is open their eyes to the things they see are impossible are definitely possible for them," says Kinney, "they just have to be willing to put time in, break it into pieces that are managed for them, and slowly work through them. 37
Thurgood Marshall is one of nearly 20 schools mike visits every year to help kids like he was in their position get on the straight and narrow.
Kinney likes working with kids because they're not set in their ways and can change their direction a lot easier.
His openness about his own struggles resonates with this group.
"No matter what you want to do," says Cody, a senior, "you always got to follow it and be 100 percent about it."
Kinney says, "my hope for them in the future is not to take someone else's dream as their own, but get their own goals and limits of impossible, work toward those. And once they do those on a daily regular basis, make some bigger goal that's impossible for them that they can continue to work towards."
He says finding your happiness is what life is all about - and doing it over and over.
And for helping these kids find their happiness, Michael Kinney is one of Local 4's Finest.
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You can reach out to Kinney on his website.

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