Local customer asks Allegiant Air to guarantee safety or issue refund

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Allegiant airline is responding to allegations it repeatedly violated federal safety rules in recent years.

The concerns came to light in a CBS 60 Minutes report broadcast Sunday night. 

Sixty Minutes checked FAA reports and found more than 100 serious mechanical incidents between January of 2016 and October of 2017. 

Those include engine failures in mid-air as well as cases of smoke and fumes in the cabin. 

The reports indicate that allegiant had 60 unscheduled landings and 46 in-flight emergencies during the months in question. 

The Tampa Bay times reports a flight from Moline experienced a hydraulic leak and had to make an emergency landing in 2016. 

Most of the problems stemmed from the company's fleet of MD80s.

An official from inside the Quad City International Airport confirms those same models fly in and out of Moline. 

Allegiant is denying all of CBS' accusations. 

Local 4 News reached out to the company today. 

Captain Steven Allen says he's been a pilot for 20 years and has worked with Allegiant for four years. 

Allen says he's "deeply offended" by CBS' report and calls it "slanderous." 

The pilot says he is "extremely confident" in the airline's safety. 

But one man in Davenport says the safety reports are troubling. 

Ron Summers had a flight from Moline to Phoenix scheduled for later this year.

He says he emailed Allegiant after Sunday night's report, asking the company to either guarantee the safety of his flight or refund his ticket. 

"Even if another airline cost a little bit more, or I have to do a transfer at another airport, I think I'd just, you know, sleep easier the night before if I knew I was flying on something besides the older MD80 out of Moline," says Summers. 

Summers got a response from Allegiant refunding his ticket. 

Summers says he originally booked with the company because it was an affordable and direct flight.

But he hopes other fliers weigh the potential consequences before booking their tickets. 

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