Local team enjoys game together

The Quad City Wolfpack says the big game is the ultimate football event

By Krista Burris | kburris@whbf.com

Published 02/07 2016 05:34PM

Updated 02/07 2016 09:53PM

A local team is enjoyed the game together. 
Krista Burris shares what the Super Bowl means to a few local players.
"When it comes to the Super Bowl, it's like another holiday they say, so when it comes around, I just shut everything else out to tune in to the Super Bowl," said Wolfpack Running Back Chris Sanders.
Semi-pro football team, the Quad City Wolfpack, is in their off-season.
They just built a new rooster, including rookie Chris Sanders from Bettendorf.
He recently came back to the QC after playing at the University of Dubuque. 
Now, he'll play ball alongside his brother. 
"At first I was going to hang up my cleats, but I just couldn't. I'm 23. I had to give it another shot so I'm excited to get this opportunity to play again," said Sanders. 
Wolfpack players say this is the biggest game of the year, and there's no better way to watch it, than together.
"The love of the game that we all share. The enjoyment that we have from watching those superior, elite athletes do what they do best, on the biggest stage of the day, that's a treat," said Wolfpack Middle Linebacker Eric Johnson.
Wolfpack Middle Linebacker Eric Johnson has been on the team for two years.
He says watching the game as an athlete can be a little difficult. 
"Too much thinking, Too much thinking. Not really enjoying the atmosphere. When you play, you watch your position. You watch how the guys respond to things," said Johnson. 
Johnson says this game is the ultimate football event, and anyone with dreams of playing in it one day should stick with it.
"Absolutely keep working as hard as you can. Never let anyone tell you, you can't," said Johnson. 

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