Iowa and Illinois senators weigh in on Gorsuch confirmation

Senators Dick Durbin and Chuck Grassley make opening statements

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Illinois Senator Dick Durbin voiced his opposition to Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch during day one of his confirmation hearings.

Senator Durbin expressed Democratic frustration over the Republicans' refusal to consider President Obama's pick to fill the seat. It's been empty since Justice Antonin Scalia died more than a year ago.

"Your nomination is part of a Republican strategy to capture our judicial branch of government. That is why the Senate Republicans kept this Supreme Court seat vacant for more than a year and why they left 30 judicial nominees who had received bipartisan approval of this committee to die on the Senate calendar as President Obama left office," said Durbin during his opening statement on Capitol Hill Monday. 

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley supports the nominee. He says Gorsuch is a strong candidate who values the separation of church and state.

"Fortunately for every American, we have before us today a nominee whose body of professional work is defined by an unfailing commitment to these principles. His grasp on the separation of powers-including judicial independence-enlivens his body of work," said Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Grassley. 

Grassley also says he trusts Gorsuch to make fair decision even in cases that don't align with his personal views.

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