Local vendors raffled a custom motorcycle for a diabetes charity

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois - The second annual Wieblers Man Show wrapped up this afternoon in Rock Island. During all of the fun, the event also gave back. Vendors raffled off a custom motorcycle.


At the end of the night, two went home as lucky winners. One man won a Harley-Davidson bike and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation raised a lot of money. 


Vendors who took part in this important raffle were joined by one father who wanted to help share that message. 


"Both of my children were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes," said parent of two Jason Lindstrom. 


About ten years ago, Jason Lindstrom got his first exposure to Type 1 diabetes. His son Justin was five when he was first diagnosed in 2008. Years later, his daughter Patricia got it too.


"It was a surprise on all accounts, there was no history in Type 1 diabetes in neither one of our families," said Lindstrom. 


"We really thought he had the flu to begin with. He had flu like symptoms, he was fevery, lethargic, " said Lindstrom. 


Justin lost his battle with the disease in 2014.


"We were doing a good job taking care of Justin’s Type 1 diabetes, but nonetheless his kidneys failed. 


"Kids are pretty resilient thankfully, but she went from being a little sister to an only child, you know and it's ... hard to watch," said Lindstrom. 


Fast forward to today, Patricia is now 11 years old. The same age as her brother when he passed away. 


"So we are very hyper-vigilant about her treatment and making sure that everything is where it needs to be," said Lindstrom. 


Jason says he still constantly thinks about Justin. He says it's his love for his children that pushes him to continue supporting JDRF.


"The sad thing is in the last couple of decades the rate of Type 1 diabetes has exploded. People just don't realize it's almost so common, " said Lindstrom. 


Although diabetes isn't an instant killer like cancer, Jason hopes people take matters into their own hands by becoming aware of it and supporting the cause. 


"Diabetes kills three times the amount of people that lung cancer does," Lindstrom said. "Sooner or later someone you know is going to be affected by this. And when they are, it might change their life in a really drastic way."


All the proceeds from the raffle will go to JDRF. Lindstrom says a lot of the people who stopped by the booth today were people who had Type 1 diabetes themselves. 



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