Long boarding Ragbrai

Published 07/29 2016 10:39PM

Updated 07/29 2016 10:39PM

The Register's Annual Great Bike Ride across Iowa is the perfect event to see and meet a lot of interesting characters. 
Devin Harshnek is one of those people. He's long-boarding the entire Ragbrai route, something he says is not easy.
Devin, along with his friends Ryan and Erik Francois, are riding the entire course on their long boards.
This is the fourth year he's doing it. 
" I took last year off and I was like man, I miss this. I want to get back into it. Then they start us off with hills on day 1 and I'm like, "Do I really miss this?" he says.
Devin and his friends did a lot of training. He even had to learn to board with both legs, instead of just his dominant one. 
"Going uphill, I've actually practiced that so much I'm better going uphill switch than I am a regular stance,"he says. 
The experience is fun but Devin and his friends aren't just there for the ride. Their team is called, "Skate Far," far being an acronym, " for a cause."
They're raising money for the,"Holdern Comprehensive Cancer Center," at the University of Iowa hospitals.
Devin says it's something people don't know on the surface because you don't know what someone's going through. You take the time to stop and invest and listen to their story and then that can help them with the struggle. 
Listening to their stories is something Devin is good at. 
He and his friends are making a documentary at this year's Ragbrai by interviewing cancer survivors and their families along the way. 
"My goal this year hasn't been miles,it's been making connections with people," he says. "I'm really glad i've done that and I feel like I've actually gotten the Ragbrai experience."


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